From two 195hp, bonneted ZM901 diesel logging trucks in 1964, the past fifty years has seen Hino Distributors (NZ) Ltd become a leader in the heavy motor vehicle industry. In 2014, we celebrated delivering Hino product to the NZ market and acknowledged valued relationships that have lasted the distance.

To recognise our loyal customers, suppliers and industry suppliers, we took the celebrations directly to them – travelling from the very top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island in our SH 700 Euro 5 series anniversary truck.

Hino’s shout involved BBQs with a bit of a twist: gourmet sausages, specialty sauces, Foxton Fizz and the ceremonial cutting of a birthday cake at each of our 11 locations.

Face to face interactions with customers, service providers and our own team captured how Hino works in a really personal way. Sales, parts and service – total support.


The ‘Cool Way To Get To School’ competition was a particular highlight, not just for the children who won a ride in the anniversary truck, but also for the Hino team.

Children, nominated by their parents, teachers and friends were delivered to school in the anniversary SH in each of the roadshow’s locations. Young faces lit up as the took a longer route to school, being dropped off at the school gate with a Hino beanie, drink bottle and toy truck in hand.

‘Guess The Odometer’ was another competition that ran during the fifty years celebrations. The SH 700 series was installed with a live digital display encouraging the public to text in what the truck’s reading would be by the end of the roadshow.

From the hundreds of estimates, ranging from just 311 to 500,000kms, 5,720 was the final reading at the competition’s close. A very happy Garth Leckey from Auckland was closest with his 5724kms entry, winning him a $3000 mystery weekend in Queenstown.

Refurbished ZM120

What better way to honour Hino’s heritage than to take one of New Zealand’s very first ZM120s and give it a refurbishment?

Lead by Hino’s National Sales Manager, Graham McNabb, the 2014 rebuild was undertaken by Allmotive Ltd. The immaculately presented truck and trailer is a testament to Barry Ryan and his team’s professionalism and attention to detail. Truck Stops and Brian Brown were also instrumental in tidying up the mechanical side of the truck.

In its heyday, the 1960s 6 cylinder, 195hp Hino diesel was used for carting logs from forests in Woodhill and Kaukapakapa to the sawmill in Silverdale. Once milled, the truck then transported the timber to Newmarket for sale.

The trucks of today, doing similar jobs, run much bigger horsepower engines with significantly lower emission standards. The technology going into today’s truck safety and comfort features are significantly advanced to what was available in yesteryear. Hard working trucks and hardworking people were synonymous of the times.

Special thanks to Sime Darby for allowing the project and the preservation of a piece of NZ’s transport history.


Capping off the year, our anniversary dinner in November saw approximately 140 invited guests descend on Auckland’s Pullman Hotel. Greeted at the entrance by the refurbished ZM120 and entertained by MC Dai Henwood, the evening was full of good food and great company.

The scene was set with our popular toy trucks turned into table centrepieces, while a 30ft screen showcased photos of the numerous activities our anniversary campaign undertook throughout 2014.

Thanks to our special guests, including Hino Motors Ltd (Japan) Managing Officer for Overseas Market, Mr Yoshio Shimo and Bill Gillespie from Hino Australia. We were honoured to have Pat McKenna (Sime Darby), Chris Brown (Sime Darby), Yoshio Shimo (HML) and John Anderson (LG Anderson) speak on the night.

Everyone who has been involved in Hino sales, service and spare parts have been a vital part of our success. The endearing traits of New Zealanders, is that you are all loyal, honest, hard-working, good looking and forgiving – just like Hino Trucks.

50 years is just the beginning.