October 8, 2018 1:23 am

Raising the bar yet again for New Zealand truck safety, Hino New Zealand has just announced that their reversing cameras will now be a standard feature across their entire truck range.

“We believe that safety shouldn’t be optional, and this was a no-brainer for helping ensure drivers are as safe as they can be behind the wheel,” says Hino General Manager Darren Salt. “Our trucks are used in every industry and in every town throughout New Zealand – so this is a feature that makes a difference for everyone.”

“It makes sense for drivers, it makes sense for fleet managers. Driving and backing become so much easier, and a reversing camera dramatically reduces the risk of workplace accidents.”

The cameras are ADR-compliant, waterproof and offer wide view high-definition visuals. They’re also infrared night-vision enabled and have a built-in microphone, so that team members can give instructions and hazard warnings directly to the driver. Their easy to use touch-screen multimedia unit means that drivers can navigate in reverse safely and confidently in any location and all conditions.

“We’ve been part of our country’s truck community for over 50 years, and we value that community. This