Hino Releases The Completely Redesigned New 500 Series Standard Cab

February 21, 2019 1:09 am

Hino is stepping up its product offering with their latest addition – the all-new 500 Series ‘Standard Cab’. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the cab includes Hino Motors’ most advanced technologies tailored to the needs, and preferences, of New Zealand customers.

“The truck market has recently required not only loading capacity, roadability, and durability, but also safety, driveability and comfortability,” explains Hino Motors’ Chief Engineer, Shigeru Nakada. “In developing the new Hino we sought to produce a sophisticated brand new product that will outperform the current truck and its competitors.”

Smarter, stronger, and safer than its predecessors, the new Standard Cab is shaping up to be a real contender in the market. A Pre-Collision Safety System not only automatically maintains a safe following distance but also warns the driver and alters the trucks speed when it senses cars in front braking. On top of this, the truck also comes with lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control, and vehicle stability control.

Meanwhile, the A05C engine offers a massive boost to power, with the two-stage turbo motor generating 90kgf.m of torque (applicable to FE models only). Accessibility to the cab has also been improved, with the cabs interior dimensions, dashboard and seating all being redesigned for improved driver comfort. “We wanted to make a truck that can be used by everyone, for any job,” says Hino New Zealand’s General Manager Darren Salt. “We know our customers need the latest technologies in order to compete in their field. This Hino will be the herald of a new generation of trucks.”

“It’s a modern player,” says Salt. “We’ve redesigned every aspect of the truck to make it more versatile and an ideal fit for absolutely any of our drivers’ needs.”

The release also coincides with Hino’s Japan 2019 competition. Every customer who purchases a new Hino before the 30th June goes in the draw to win one of eight all-expenses-paid trips to Japan. The package includes flights, tickets to the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony, Japan vs Russia and New Zealand vs South Africa pool games, guided sightseeing, accommodation, and even a tour of the Hino factory.