Hino’s Teasing a New Truck For The New Zealand Market

December 5, 2018 1:18 am

Hino is committed to changing the game, and their totally redesigned next generation 500 Series Standard Cab will be leading the charge. Set for release on 20 February 2019, Hino New Zealand has begun teasing their latest offering to the local market.

“The truck market has recently required not only loading capacity, roadability and durability, but also require safety, driveability and comfortability,” explains Hino Motors’ Chief Engineer, Shigeru Nakada. “In developing the new Hino we sought to produce a sophisticated brand new product that will outperform the current truck and its competitors.”

“It’s excitingly modern, a strong player that’s sure to keep our drivers happy,” says Hino General Manager Darren Salt. “This truck is all about safety and performance. We know our customers need the latest technologies in order to compete in their field. So this Hino will be the herald of a new generation of trucks, redesigned from the ground up with the driver in mind.”

Off the back of launching a comprehensive safety package standard across all their classes, Hino is once again paving the way for a more responsible and intelligent class of truck.