Thursday - April 4 - 2019 / Testimonials


“I started off with a small truck eight years ago, doing my own deliveries. It was the only Moffatt forklifttruck in Auckland.” Bimal Prakash’s business hasn’t stayed small though. Now working for Mainfreightservicing Manukau and Wiri, Bimal’s fleet of five trucks includes three brand new Hinos. “When I thinkabout it, it’s just massive - a massive change.”

The newest of those Hino’s is his 2019 500 Series FG8J Wide Cab, which, like Bimal’s first truck, has been
built for a Moffatt forklift. He recently got to take it for its first long drive up to Mahia Peninsula, carting
freight for Rocket Lab. Bimal was thrilled with its performance. “Absolutely beautiful. It handles so well,
it’s seriously amazing. I took it through some challenging spots – the peninsula was a windy, shingle road,
but it was just amazing.”

Bimal has spent most of his life in the trucking business – his dad owned a company back in Fiji, and
Bimal started his own when he migrated here at age 20. “I’ve been pretty much brought up with it, and
back in Fiji, it was always about Hino, Hino, Hino! Dad was a big fan, and there’s just something about
them, it’s stuck with me. All my brothers still talk Hino too – one of them has also ended up in trucking and
owns a Hino himself. Though it’s not as nice as mine!”

He’s also pleased with the sales process, which he says ‘couldn’t be easier’. “I’ve known the sales reps Aaron Thompson for a
long time now, and one phone call is all it takes.” He’s hoping to call sometime soon and add a 700 Series
to his line up.

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