Tuesday - November 6 - 2018 / Testimonials

Coq Au Vin

“As soon as our boss Karl said he was getting a new truck, I said ‘I want it!‘” When Coq Au Vin decided to get their first ever 500 Series, Apiata put his hand up to drive it pretty quick.

Based in Wellington, Coq Au Vin provides poultry products to businesses throughout the country. Their local fleet makes deliveries throughout the wider Wellington region and make daily drop-offs to partnering freight companies. As Team Leader of the drivers, Api in charge of getting the rest of the team loaded and out on the road – before hitting his own runs. Efficiency is key, so for him, the impact their new Hino had on the business was instantly noticeable.

“In our previous truck, we could only fit two pallets inside because of the size and shape configuration. But with the new Hino 500 Series, we’re packing in eight pallets which is absolutely awesome. Instead of doing constant return trips we’re knocking it off in one go, which can cut three to four hours off our larger deliveries.” The 500 Series also has a 7.5 tonne rated front axle, which means it can take bigger payloads than any other New Zealand truck in its class.

“It’s just a great truck. The air suspension seat is super comfortable – when you’re starting at 5.00am or even 2.30am, having a smooth ride makes a really big difference. I’m really pleased with it.”

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