October 30, 2017 5:40 pm

Hino NZ are putting safety first with their new Wide Cab 500 Series, which will be the first medium truck in New Zealand to offer the potentially life-saving Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) as a standard feature.

“Safety is one of the top priorities for our customers, and it’s the top priority for us,” says Hino General Manager Michael Doeg.

NZTA research shows that around one third of heavy vehicle accidents in New Zealand involve rollovers. Hino’s new technology works to minimise the likelihood of this by sensing when a loss of traction occurs, and automatically stabilising a vehicle through responsive four-wheel braking to reduce slippage.

“New Zealand has some very tricky road conditions, and errors are easily made,” says Doeg. “Vehicle Stability Control helps ensure that small mistakes don’t become deadly ones, for our drivers and for others on the road.”

“It’s all part of the Wide Cab’s comprehensive safety package, which includes ABS, Anti Slip Regulator (ASR), UN ECE R29-rated cab strength, and a driver SRS airbag. Microphone-enabled reversing cameras are also available for installation.”

Another new feature included is Hino’s recently developed Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, which completely eliminates exhaust gas recirculation and significantly reduces emissions.

There is also an updated exterior design, and new engine technology, offering increased RPM and compression ratios and improved cooling.