Tally Ho’s Hinos

October 22, 2015 12:28 am

Tally Ho Industries Ltd were recently handed the keys to their new Hino 700 Series FY2945, 10 x 4 crane truck. The Hino purchase is Tally Ho’s fifth for their fleet, driven by four drivers.

After copper refining ended in Rotorua, John Collier’s parents started Tally Ho. In operation for over 42 years now, the company began as scrap metal/bottle dealer, moving later to crane work.

In 1997 Tally Ho bought their first 6 wheeler FS Hino and a new crane to go with it, which is still in the fleet today. John says the truck was a drawcard to come back to New Zealand and start working with the family business again.

Hino are built for safety, something John is very conscious of. While thanks to high-cut boots John was fortunate not to lose his feet when he fell off a 3m trailer in 2004, he did fracture his back and was told he may not be able to work again. John has made a full recovery and says it’s great to see companies are looking at health and safety more and more. “In our industry it’s vitally important”, says John. “Stability is also a big thing; the crane trucks have to be tested every 12 months.”

In 2006 a second Hino and 2010 a third Hino with a PK60 crane to match were purchased by Tally Ho. John says the crane is still the biggest in the Bay today. Alongside the 700 Series FY, a 500 Series FC1022 was ordered in 2014.

The new 700 Series FY has a customised chassis and wheel-based, lengthened so the truck could take the large crane and lift tag axle. All axles can be park braked ensuring safety is paramount when the crane operates in challenging terrains. For towing purposes, the front bumpers are aluminium arc.

Tally Ho’s fleet of five Hinos works “incredibly hard, towing heavy cranes on a daily basis,” says John. Due to chassis thickness, cab height from ground to top, the ability to modify to preferred specifications and added safety features, “Hino is our preferred brand”.